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What's New?


Milford Dog Park

The Milford Dog Park is now open!  Citizens came together and collected enough private donations to qualify for a Patronicity/MEDC matching grant for our own Dog Park!  The park is substantially complete as of December, 2019, with a formal groundbreaking scheduled for early spring.  In the meantime, enjoy!  The Park is next to CVS west of the intersection of Main and General Motors Roads.


505 N MAIN

The redevelopment of a former gas station on the corner of Main and Commerce has been unanimously approved by Milford Planning Commission and the Milford Village Council.  Please direct all inquiries to Ann Barnette, 248-684-9719 or

The LaFontaine Family Amphitheater


The LaFontaine Family Amphitheater


The DDA is working on a new project with the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Milford.  The Milford AMP project is an effort to improve Central Park with a new facility for hosting the Summer Concert Series and a new Public Restroom.  Funds are primarily being raised through private contributions and grantwriting.

In Central Park, next to the Ford Powerhouse and Pettibone Creek is a natural landscaped “bowl” that lends itself to the creation of terraced steps for the amphitheater. Carved into the land, the steps will face southwest toward a Pavilion that will be designed in the style of the Albert Kahn-designed Powerhouse.

The Master Plan (in pics above) shows the location of the Amphitheater and the Pavilion along the creek. The Public Restrooms are located east of the project between the parking lot and the Playscape. The plan highlights the existing canopy of trees, the waterfall at Pettibone Creek and access to parking and the Playscape.

The Public Restrooms will be styled after the Powerhouse building and located next to the parking lot and the Playscape Structure.


Sharrows Installed in the Downtown


Sharrows are a new word for a pavement marking that indicates that drivers and cyclists "Share the Road".  State law provides that the roads should be shared, and Sharrows help both users to be aware of one another.

Sharrows are installed where complete bike lanes cannot be installed for various reasons including:              
Not enough cyclists to justify bike lanes;  
Too expensive to install bike lanes;  
Use of bike lanes would require loss of parking; and/or  
Use of bike lanes would require road widening

San Francisco Study of 2004 study results show that sharrows:
Reduce aggressive motorist behavior; 
Prevent wrong-way bicycling;  
Prevent bicycling on sidewalks;
Improve the positioning of both cyclists and motorists on the street

Click Here for Sharrow Slide Show

Milford Trail


The Milford Trail is Completed!

What is the Milford Trail?

The Milford Trail is an important link connecting the Kensington Hike/Bike Trail to downtown Milford. This portion of the Trail takes users from the Milford dam, around Hubble Pond Park, over hills and through a densely wooded area to the YMCA. The route continues through the Y property, past the Library, along Commerce Road and eventually will link to the downtown districts' fine restaurants and shops.

The Village of Milford was awarded a $325,000 grant that was matched by private donations in the amount of $105,000.

The Milford Trail Committee---initiated by the Milford Downtown Development Authority---is an enthusiastic and energetic group of volunteers and should be commended for their success in meeting the challenge of raising the needed private funds.  

Click here for Milford Trail

Milford Flat Iron

The Milford Flat Iron building is an exciting new development in the historic "flat iron" section of town;  that is the intersections of Detroit, Main and Milford Road, across from the Mill Valley and adjacent to the Heritage Wheel Sculpture Garden.  The building plan is triangular (like an iron)  and takes it's shape from the historic alignment of the three roads.  It was the first new three-story building since the Ye Olde Hotel burned down in the 1950's.  A mixed-use building, the Flat Iron will is three 3000sf floors, with retail at the street level, office on the second floor and luxury residential on the third.  More information can be found on this website under the "business recruitment" button.

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