Action Wear Orthotics

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Milford, Michigan 48381

action wear orthotics

Action Wear Orthotics creates your custom orthotics on the same day.

During an appointment, we will take 3D images utilizing CAD/CAM technology powered by Amfit to examine each foot. In addition to utilizing Amfit technology, we will perform gait analysis, physically examine the foot and ankle, and obtain a thorough medical history of each patient. This process ensures that AWO’s in-house lab will create custom mill orthotics that match your anatomy and activity levels before you even leave our office

Custom orthotics are a challenging mix of art and science. It takes years of experience to learn the subtleties of making custom orthotics that meet both the functional and the comfort needs of the client.

Finally, if we don’t feel our custom orthotics are right for you, we will refer you to someone who can help you.