Project Details

Hotel Feasibility on TRW Site

Formally known as Kelsey Hayes, the TRW site was acquired in 2006.  The DDA was involved in the legal, real estate, and environmental planning was started

Liberty Street Underpass Study

Issued RFP and conducted an engineering and feasibility study for the Liberty Street Underpass Project in concert with the Milford Parking Authority

Design Services

The DDA provides conceptual design renderings for catalytic properties in concert with the property owners.

Website 2020

Renovation of downtown website

Dining Platforms

Designed and implemented Dining Deck Platforms in downtown Milford

COVID-19 Response

Like many of our merchants downtown, our world completely changed. The DDA set aside normal practices and worked to help downtown through the pandemic.

Parks and Rec Master Plan 2019

Various times over the years, the DDA has assisted the Village with Parks and Rec initiatives.

Dog Park

Design, RFP and implementation of Dog Park. Donations and grants spearheaded by Keith Vandenbussche and the Village

Center Street Gazebo Update

Repair and replace decking, ballistrades and copper cupula. Donated by John Grissim

Commerce Road

Road Improvements, landscaping

Downtown Wrought Iron Fencing

Design and replace wrought iron fencing. Volunteers led by John Grissim and the “Coffee Guys” at Americus. Thanks guys!

Central Park Master Plan

2015. Visit the Village’s website Central Park page.

Outdoor concert with audience in park setting

The LaFontaine Family Amphitheater

Started 2012.  Completed 2014.
Fitting perfectly snug in the curve of the land, the amphitheater, located adjacent to the Albert Kahn Powerhouse and Pettibone Creek in Central Park, harmonizes beauty, function, architecture and natural features to create a signature piece of art for the whole community.

Downtown Events and Parking Map 2011

Designed, developed and instituted a Walking Map designed by New Moon Visions

Milford Flat Iron

The building plan is triangular (like an iron)  and takes it’s shape from the historic alignment of the three roads. 

Website 2011

Renovation of downtown website.

Sharrows Installed Downtown

Sharrows Bike Decal help both users to be aware of one another. We installed sharrows where complete bike lanes could not be installed.

Motley Lights

Designed and implemented the overhead banner and lighting system at Center Street on behalf of the Motley Lights Committee headed by Joe Strauss, designed by Sue Grissim

Milford Trail Project

The Milford Trail is an important link connecting the Kensington Hike/Bike Trail to downtown Milford.

Illustrated master plan with residential and commercial areas.

Downtown Plan & Visioning project

DDA, John Grissim, Dave Peterhans

Instituted new Downtown Marketing Plan with Franco

Hired in 2007, Franco is a PR, Marketing and Digital Media firm that helps to put Milford Merchants on the map.

Village Entrance Signs

Design, build and install

Village Wayfinding System

Install a wayfinding plan to direct visitors to local places of interest with a cohesively designed signage system

Urban Gardens: GM/Milford Road and Trestle

Installed raised planter beds/pedestrian islands at the intersection of GM/Milford Road and at the Trestle at Canal and Main

Downtown Events and Parking Map 2006

2006 Designed, developed and instituted a Walking Map designed by New Moon Visions

Veteran’s Memorial & Flagpole

Design and support the Memorial Project, designed and commissioned by the VFW and John Grissim

Ford Powerhouse Restoration Project

Issued the RFP, and governed the state grant to renovate the Ford Powerhouse on behalf of the Historical Society, headed by Judith Reiter

Overhead Flowerpots

Expanded, designed and maintained the Overhead Flowerpots instituted by the Milford Beautification Commission headed by Carol Kerr

Parking Study

Issued the RFP and governed the contract to study downtown parking with the Milford Parking Authority

Main Street Road Reconstruction

Complete renovation and resurfacing of Main Street from Huron to Commerce.

Main Street Streetscape II

Complete renovation of the streetscape Designed Sue Grissim and the DDA.

Liberty Street Underpass Design

Commissioned initial rendering/feasibility of Liberty Street Underpass

Liberty Street Road Improvements

Resurfaced Liberty Street from Union to Main

Heritage Wheel

Facilitated the funding, design and development of the Heritage Wheel Sculpture Project, designed by Heiner Hertling; volunteer fundraising and implementation headed by Jeff Heyn and Denise Tyler

Summit Street/North Milford Road

Restored Summit Street and North Milford Road to Village boundaries. Negotiated with all adjacent property owners for curbing, driveways and landscaping improvements. Aided by Village DPS

North Milford Road Landscaping

Secured easements on both sides of Milford Road to incorporate a curb and plantings along both sides.

North Milford Road Project

Completely restored North Milford Road, from Commerce Road to Summit Street

Mill Pond Pathway Project

Redeveloped the Mill Pond with grants, volunteer labor and private contributions. Fountain donated by John Grissim

Meet Me in Milford Marketing Campaign

Initated a marketing, logo and advertising campaign for downtown

Farmer’s Market on Main

First onstreet Farmer’s Market instituted during the Huron Street Renovation Project

Huron Street Road Renovation

Completely restored Huron Street

Corridor Plan

Led a team of volunteers to create a Plan for the entire commercial district corridor with help from Grissim Metz and Associates

Created the Tax Increment Financing Plan

Developed the Tax Increment Financing Plan, which captured hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars that was leaving the community

Union Street/East Lot Parking & Landscaping Project

Converted Union Street from a street to a parking lot; added over 100 parking spaces; revamped landscaping around Center Street and Union Street. John Grissim design

Beautiful Day at Arthur's Park

Arthur’s Park (formerly Riverview)

1992. Park has a pathway, benches, garden area and birdhouses.

South Side Renovations

Added wrought iron fencing, trees, flowerbeds. John Grissim design

Center Street Park

Remove the street, create a park, fountain, gazebo, wrought iron fencing. John Grissim design.

Main Street Flower Program

Instituted downtown plantings that continue today in partnership with the Milford Business Association and the Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce

Main Street Renovation

Widened the sidewalks, added street trees and beds, removed diagonal parking.