Mission Statement

The Milford Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a commercial district revitalization program dedicated to improving the economic viability, beauty and historic significance of the DDA District and by building an attractive environment in which people can shop, live and play.

We closely follow the nationally recognized model for downtown revitalization: The National Main Street Center, an arm of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. We do this by concentrating our efforts on public improvements through urban design and ordinance language, private developments, economic restructuring and business recruitment and retention.

Tax Dollars at Work

Public Improvement Projects

  • Center Street Park
  • Main Street 1985
  • South Side Streetscape Enhancements
  • Riverview Park
  • Union Street Parking and Beautification Project
  • Mill Pond Pathway Project
  • Summit Street and North Milford Road Mill and Overlay Project
  • North Milford Road Reconstruction
  • GM/Milford Road Island
  • Liberty Street Improvements
  • Main Street ’02: Sidewalks and Road Improvements
  • Heritage Wheel Sculpture

Private Improvement Projects

(Site Plan Negotiations)

  • Huron Street Office Development
  • Milford Village Medical Center
  • Bondy Office Building on Main
  • Rite Aid Building
  • Mill Valley
  • Kroger Expansion
  •  Bondy, North Milford Road
  • Taco Bell
  •  McDonald’s
  • Hector & Jimmy’s
  • Commercial development north of Hector & Jimmy’s

Village Ordinance Revisions

  • Milford Corridor Plan Downtown Overlay District
  • Water and Sewer Fee Structure for Restaurants
  • Brownstone (townhouses in the downtown district) Language
  • Tax Increment Financing Plan
  • Sign Ordinance, downtown and allowing perpendicular signs
  • West Oakland Corridor Study
  • Parking fees/study

Other Projects

  • Downtown Market Analysis
  • Retail Consultation Seminars
  • Grant Writing
  • Volunteer Organization
  • Donations Fund Administration
  • Downtown Farmers’ Market
  • “Meet Me In Milford” logo/slogan development
  • Downtown Holiday Parking Program
  • Secured 2 DDA Liquor licenses
  • Downtown Pedestrian Signs
  • Downtown Walking Map
  • Maintenance of the DDA Projects through the District
  • Participated with the Road Commission in Oakland County regarding the proposed state trunkline linking 96 to 59
  • Set up a Resource Council for Main Street ’02 Project
  • DDA Website
  • “Meet Me In Milford” Window Stickers
  • Channel 7 Holiday Promotion Commercial
  • Main Street ’02 “there’s something in the air” slogan
  • Main Street ’02 Tool Kits
  • Main Street ’02 Shop and Dine Promotion
  • Main Street ’02 “Two Men and a Cart” Promotion
  • “Meet Me In Milford” Tissue Wrap Promotion
  • Milford Times Marketplace Ad
  • Milford Times Cooperative Advertising
  • Milford Calendar of Events
  • Main Street Sound System



Union Street




Historical Society




Mill Pond Pathway


Private Donations


Pavillion Donations


M. Manufactoring


In Kind


Heritage Wheel


Walmart Grant





$25.000 (in kind/ROW)


$25,000.00 (in kind/ROW)


$150,000.00 (100 @ $1500 ea)

Southside 2011


Milford Trail


Center Street Gazebo


Motley Lights




Flat Iron


Milford Amp




*Includes grants: The DDA administered this grant. We did not secure it.

Board of Directors

A thirteen member Board of Directors appointed by the Village Council, is chaired by Dale Feigley. Village President Jerry Aubry serves on the Board and nominates members. Board Members represent business and property owners, and residents of the community. The DDA Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at the Milford Civic Center, 1100 Atlantic Street, at 7:30 a.m. The meeting is open to the public.

Board Position Title Name
Board MemberVillage Council PresidentJerry Aubry
ChairProperty OwnerDale Feigley
Vice chairGina's BridalTrevor Salaski
Board MemberProperty OwnerJeff Heyn
Board MemberThe Clothing CoveEric Horsely
Board MemberResident, Attorney at LawRichard Lippitt P.C.
Board MemberUnilockTom Niebauer
Board MemberResidentAndrea Perry
Board MemberYour Nesting PlaceChristine Meredith Roy
Board MemberAmericusToni Vulaj
Board MemberProspect Hill & Village Commons EastMarc Weinbaum

Act 57 Reports

Annual Act 57 Report

Annual Act 57 Report

2021-2022 Report


SECTION 125.4910

Each municipality that has created an authority or that creates an authority shall create a website or utilize the existing website of the municipality that is operated and regularly maintained with access to authority records and documents for the fiscal year beginning the effective date of this act, including all of the following:

(a) Minutes of all board meetings.

(b) Annual budget, including encumbered and unencumbered fund balances.

(c) Annual audits.

(d) Currently adopted development plan, if not included in a tax increment financing plan. (TIF Plans at the bottom of this webpage)

Included in the TIF Plan

(e) Currently adopted tax increment finance plan, if currently capturing tax increment revenues.

See1998 Plan with 2003 and 2015 Amendments

(f) Current authority staff contact information.

Ann Barnette, 1100 Atlantic Street, Milford

(g) A listing of current contracts with a description of those contracts and other documents related to management of the authority and services provided to the authority.

  1. Brien's Lawn Service, lawn and garden maintenance, annual contract
  2. Landscape and Design Associates, gardening and overhead flower maintenance, annual contract
  3. AccuNet Web Services, website development and support, as-needed basis
  4. Franco Public Relations Group, public relations and marketing, Scope of Services, Annual Contract
  5. ASTI Environmental Group, environmental consulting, professional services, as-needed basis
  6. Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn, legal counsel for real estate and contract law
  7. Huron Valley Council for the Arts, Friday Night Live Concert Series
  8. Summit Street Design, Contract
  9. Oak Street Redesign, Contract
  10. Main Street 2021 Construction Project, Contract
  11. Commerce Road Construction Engineering, Contract
  12. Commerce Road Design Engineering, Contract
  13. Landscape Architect RFP for Maintenance, Contract

All other documents related to the DDA are available at the Village Civic Center at 1100 Atlantic Street, Milford, Michigan, 48381

(h) An updated annual synopsis of activities of the authority. An updated synopsis of the activities of the authority includes all of the following, if any:

(i) For any tax increment revenues described in the annual audit that are not expended within 5 years of their receipt, a description that provides the following:

N/A. All collected taxes have been expended within 5 years of collection

(ii) List of authority accomplishments, including progress made on development plan and tax increment finance plan goals and objectives for the immediately preceding fiscal year.

505 N. Main.  Resolved land transfer and renegotiated mixed-use building and architecture for a new development

Completed design and contracting for the Main Street 2021 Project

Wrote and secured a grant for Central Park

Prepared renderings for Central Park Renovation

Designed and prepared renderings for a pedestrian connection to the TRW Site via Commerce Road and the RR tracks

Public Relations and marketing campaign:
Franco PR annual report (update in January 2022)
Created new Downtown Newsletter
Annual seasonal shopping campaign

Updated downtown Sound System and Microphone

(iii) List of authority projects and investments, including active and completed projects for the immediately preceding fiscal year.

Negotiate and secure EGLE financing for environmental Clean up for Summit View residential development;  negotiate PUD and Planning

Public relations and marketing campaign for Meet Me in Milford, supported with media acquisitions, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds

Overhead Flowerpots, gardens and Right-of-Way enhancements and maintenance

Main Street 2021 Renovation Project.  Design, bid, and contract for major improvements to the infrastructure, plantings, trees, fencing, irrigation, sound and electrical systems in the downtown area

Pre-design and engineering of Commerce Road Improvements under the viaduct, with a connection to public parking

Executed the Planned Unit Development and EGLE Grant and Loan Disbursements for Summit View Development on 120 Summit.

Central Park CRP Grantwriting

Replace furniture downtown

Replace and repair downtown sound system

Begin predevelopment and design for Central Park Redevelopment Project


(iv) List of events and promotional campaigns for the immediately preceding fiscal year.

Sponsored, Co-sponsored or supported the following events:

  • Summer Concert Series
  • Friday Night Live Concert Series
  • Christmas Open House Campaign
  • Sidewalk Sales
  • Milford Home Tour
  • Milford Memories
  • Seasonal holiday shopping campaign via social media
  • Dinner's On Us seasonal promotional event
  • Currents Music Festival
  • Milford Farmer's Market

Supported via social media and PR campaign the following:

  • Shop Small Saturday with Oakland County
  • Martin Luther King Day events
  • Local merchant events and specials
  • SHAC Arts Center events
  • Milford Historical Society events
  • Merchant Public relations for various holiday stories, such as Valentines, Halloween, St. Patty's Day, Easter, Christmas, etc.
  • Ladies Night Out (2)
  • The Big Reveal event

Agendas and Minutes

Annual Media Reports

The Milford Downtown Development Authority contracts with the Detroit-based Franco marketing firm to help tell Milford's story. Franco helps with social media, press relations, marketing and event promotions. A solid partner of downtown Milford for over ten years, the firm has helped guide the discussion of Milford's greatest assets, including our historic downtown, Milford's position as the center of numerous parks and greenbelts, the Huron River Water Trail and a regionally-linked and popular Milford Trail bike path.

DDA and Tax Increment Finance Plans and Amendments