Duncan Chiropractic Group

Mike Hilton

(810) 225-2288

300 N Main St
Milford, Michigan 48381

At Duncan Chiropractic Group, we provide chiropractic services that deliver numerous advantages to each of our patients. Our skilled doctors specialize in non-invasive, non-pharmacological techniques that are both safe and efficient. Many of our patients report experiencing pain alleviation and enhanced overall wellness soon after receiving treatment.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Conditions Treated
  • Family Chiropractor
  • Pediatric Chiropractor
  • Sports Chiropractor

Temporary April Hours:

Mon: 8AM to Noon | 3PM – 6PM

Wed: 8AM to Noon | 3PM – 6PM

Fri: 8AM to Noon

New Expanded Hours Beginning Week of April 29th

Monday: 9AM to 1PM | 2PM – 7PM

Tuesday: 1PM – 7PM

Wednesday: 9AM to 2PM

Thursday: 1PM to 7PM

Friday: 9AM to 1PM | 2PM to 5PM