Coming Soon! Central Park Renovation


Park scenes with walking paths, seating areas, and water.


UPDATE 4/29/2024

As of this date, the project is in budget (don’t believe everything you hear lol), on time, and will deliver every amenity promised, including a Boardwalk, Viewing Platform, new parking lots and driveway, basketball courts, volleyball court, a new Pavilion, and ice skating rink, and —best of all—an expansive new lawn with 160+ trees, 1000+ plantings, gardens and pathways.  New Adirondack chairs, benches, picnic tables, and recycle bins will round out the look.  We are also including passive ambient lighting for the pathways and driveways.

Remember!  The Memorial, Playscape and LaFontaine Amphitheater are staying!  They’re local landmarks!


The Pavilion is above ground!  All foundations and structural steel and masonry are installed.  Brick is being laid on the main columns.  Next comes the roof and ceiling deck, then the electrical.  Look for most of that to be finished in May and June.


The base of the boardwalk and viewing platform has been installed.  The structural steel for the pergola which holds the viewing bench swings that sit on top, and the aluminum handrail are being constructed off-site.  Both of those, along with the final decking, will be installed in the next couple of weeks.


Most of the mass grading is complete.  Once the new driveway curbing is installed, the contractor will finish with final grading, then install the topsoil.  We expect the irrigation and landscape subcontractor at the beginning of June


The Milford Township Board of Trustees is partnering with The Village of Milford’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to redevelop Milford’s Central Park. The partnership includes a $1.5 million contribution from the township to transform the park.

“We are so thrilled to have the support of Milford Township in this transformational project,” said Ann Barnette, Milford DDA Executive Director. “Their support of the project itself, combined with their significant contribution, make this a true partnership.”

“The Huron River is like a ribbon that joins the north and south of both the Township and the Village, and Central Park is like a bow on that ribbon.  We’re delighted to be part of this project,” said Randy Busick, Township Trustee.

The approved plan includes a new pedestrian boardwalk and viewing platform along the river, riparian plantings and stabilization of the riverbank, enhanced accessibility for canoes and kayaks, and a continuous accessible pathway around the park. The entry driveway and parking lot will be re-organized to better utilize open space and protect pedestrian zones.  The park will offer new amenities including an ice-skating rink, all-ages swings to view the river, outdoor fire features, gardens, significant tree plantings and sports courts.  A picnic pavilion, styled after the LaFontaine Family Amphitheater, will anchor the design.  Local favorites, such as the Amphitheater, the Playscape and the Veteran’s Memorial, will remain.

“The Township has been one of the biggest users of the park for more than 20 years, with annual concerts, community picnics and movie events,” said Township Clerk Holly Brandt, who books the pavilion and amphitheater for Township functions. “We don’t own a park.  This is what we use, and we should be helping to benefit the entire community.”

“I’ve been here most of my life,” said Cindy Dagenhardt, Township Treasurer. “I’ve never been more excited for our community.  This is something all of our residents will enjoy for decades to come.”


Marc Weinbaum, DDA Board:

“Thanks to this extraordinary effort and collaboration between the Village and the Township, Milford’s Crown Jewel is going to undergo a twenty first century transformation that will more accurately reflect upon the beauty and spirit of the very special community in which it is located.”


Financial contribution approved by Township Board, June 29, 2023

Approved by DDA Board, February 16,  2023

Approved by P&R Commission, March 1, 2023

Approved by Village Council, March 20, 2023

Approved by the Charter Township of Milford June 29, 2023