Coming Soon! Central Park Renovation


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We’re so excited!  The DDA has begun the preliminary design concepts for Central Park!  The park has been developed over decades, project-by-project, as funds and volunteers have been available.  It’s time to pull it all together!   At the center of town, Central Park is a gateway to our community and the primary viewshed of the Huron River.  The riverfront should be celebrated as the jewel that it is.  The park should be a place of beauty, respite and activity, and we’re so excited to work with excellent design professionals —and the assistance of the Village’s Parks and Recreation Commission—to create a plan that all of us can enjoy for years to come!

Approved by DDA Board, February 16,  2023

Approved by P&R Commission, March 1, 2023

Approved by Village Council, March 20, 2023