Dining Platforms


Dining Platforms


Immediately after the COVID-19 related shutdowns downtown, the DDA began work on implementing solutions for expanded outdoor dining.  This took two forms:  outdoor dining on private property and outdoor dining in the public right-of-way.

To ensure the fastest way to expand outdoor dining on private property, the Village Council agreed with the DDA’s concept of creating a one-time-only Event Permit that would cover a “special event” between June 1 and November 1, in which the Council would allow the “permittee”(DDA) to allow outdoor sales during the timeframe, including outdoor dining.  Permanent outdoor sales and outdoor dining normally requires site plan review and approval by Planning Commission and could take months.  This process allowed the necessary use to take place without having to substantially alter the zoning code.

Outdoor dining in the Right-of-Way (parallel parking spaces on Main) required special permission by Council.  The DDA provided a master plan, construction design, procurement and installation of the decks (DPS donated).  Each of the four decks installed were paid for by the adjacent restaurateur.  All downtown restaurants were invited to participate.

The Village Council will be evaluating whether the decks will be permanent beyond 2020.