Liberty Street Underpass Study


Liberty St

Liberty Street once provided a safe linkage to Central Park, but the Village shut the street down in the 1970s at the RR crossing.  Over the years, the RR had built up the base of the tracks, making it more difficult for vehicles to traverse the tracks.

The tracks, especially without safe pedestrian crossing signalization, can be a hazard for people trying to get to Central park via Liberty Street.

The DDA first commissioned a design for getting under Liberty Street in the 2001 to study the feasibility of a pedestrian underpass under the tracks.  Although it was feasible from an engineering perspective, it was very expensive and was sidelined for projects that were deemed a higher priority.

In 2009, the project was again looked at, this time with additional soil borings and engineering review and in concert with the CSX Railroad.  The Village’s parking Authority, then headed by Keith Hughes and Bill Hermann, advocated the effort.

Getting people from Main Street to Central park remains a high priority, as the Summer Concert Series and Farmer’s Market on summer Thursdays gains in popularity.  It also remains extremely expensive.

More to come, hopefully.