Main Street and Center Street Park 2021-2022


Main Street 2019 Design III


Contract Executed!  State date:  August 16th, 2021

Main Street was fully renovated in 2002. It’s time for a bit of a refresh. You may notice that there hasn’t been successful plantings in the tree beds for quite some time. Some of the roots have elevated to the top of the soil, creating compacted spaces that are not conducive to annual plantings. Also, the tree beds have been experiencing stress from rooting and need to be replaced. In addition, the DDA is looking at repairing/replacing the irrigation systems, electrical and sound systems and potentially adding overhead watering system. Some of the concepts include elongating and narrowing the tree beds to train root systems to go north and south. Yes. That’s I guess a thing now. We will be looking to replace some of the Pear Trees, a popular tree in the 70’s, with trees that provide less dense foliage –which adds beauty but doesn’t completely obscure the architecture of the street.

Center Street Park was developed in the early 1980s, when the street was converted to a pocket park. Purposefully, a raised planter bed island was installed between Main Street and Center Street to prohibit driving onto the now-closed street. Forty years on, we’ve realized that the unintended consequence is that Center Street is “removed” from the activity of Main Street a bit. It’s out of the way and some of the hardscaped areas are inhibiting full use of the park during downtown events/happenings.  We’re removing the raised planter bed impediment from Main Street, to more fully integrate the Park with the rest of downtown.  Look for new furnishings, plantings, trees and fireplace.  (Don’t worry; bollards will be installed to prohibit vehicular traffic from entering.)  Our hope is that Center Street is not only even more beautiful, but much more user-friendly.