Sharrows Installed Downtown




Install sharrows to encourage the shared road concept for bicyclists in the community and to link to the Milford Trail through downtown

Sharrows are a new word for a pavement marking that indicates that drivers and cyclists “Share the Road.”  State law provides that the roads should be shared, and Sharrows Bike Decal help both users to be aware of one another.

Sharrows are installed where complete bike lanes cannot be installed for various reasons including:

  • Not enough cyclists to justify bike lanes;
  • Too expensive to install bike lanes;
  • Use of bike lanes would require loss of parking; and/or
  • Use of bike lanes would require road widening

San Francisco Study of 2004 study results show that sharrows:

  • Reduce aggressive motorist behavior;
  • Prevent wrong-way bicycling;
  • Prevent bicycling on sidewalks;
  • Improve the positioning of both cyclists and motorists on the street.