The LaFontaine Family Amphitheater


LaFontaine Family Amphitheater Concert


Fitting perfectly snug in the curve of the land, the proposed amphitheater, located adjacent to the Albert Kahn Powerhouse and Pettibone Creek in Central Park, harmonizes beauty, function, architecture and natural features to create a signature piece of art for the whole community.

The idea of a concert venue and public restroom facility grew from a variety of sources: a Call for Public Projects by the Milford Rotary, a desire by the Chamber to provide a community enhancement on behalf of its members and as part of the DDA’s overall master plan for improving the quality of life in Milford.

In a short time, the project has received endorsements from the Village Council and Milford’s Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission as well as the full support of all three organizations’ Boards of Directors. It is the goal of this group to secure private donations, sponsorships and grants for the Project.

Event Calendar can be found at Summer Concert Series at the Amp