Motley Lights


Motley Lights Schematic


The Motley Lights Project was spearheaded by a private group of individuals who wanted to solve a problem that existed downtown on behalf of Tom Motley: to replace failing poles that hold up the community banner and to adequately light the crosswalk to make it safer for pedestrians. The pendent light provides full coverage for the crosswalk, while the Tivoli lights add a decorative component.

The DDA supplied structural engineering, design development, and construction management for approximately $8000; about what the cost would have been to replace the two existing poles and add a new light at the crosswalk. The lighting was necessary to light the crosswalk at night, and the banner poles were failing. The overhead banner highlights many events for the downtown and surrounding communities and needed to be replaced.

The remainder of the project was funded by private donations in excess of $41,000.00.